Hits & Misses – 2009/2/17

Wages of obesity: Women are penalized, but not men.

Keeping a poker face: Men are much harder to read than women.

State and local governments have set aside virtually no money for post-retirement health care. They owe more than $1 trillion.

Zagat will rate doctors. But, you have to be insured by Wellpoint.

Drug can erase bad memories. But, it creates ethical furor.

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  1. Bruce says:

    State and local governments have learned from Social Security and Medicare. Ponzi schemes are cheap to run until you have to pay off.

  2. Tom H. says:

    I wonder what Uwe Reinhardt will say about this? It can’t possibly be good.

  3. Eamonn M. says:

    I have some bad memories I would like to erase. Where do I get the pills?

  4. Bret says:

    I assume that if this is a Wellpoint project, the ratings will not be just a popularity contest, based solely on bedside manner. Tell me I’m right.

  5. Tom H. says:

    On keeping a poker face, this result actually makes sense in terms of evolutionary psychology. It is to the man’s advantage (or, more precisely to his genes’ advantage) to deceive and mislead to propagate at the maximum rate. By contrast,there is little advantage in being hard to read for women.