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  1. Dewaine says:

    “Your mother was right: Tattoos reduce chances of getting a job.”

    Obviously, why would you want something that you can’t remove?

  2. Dewaine says:

    “Missouri overrides governor’s veto of Good Samaritan law: out of state doctors can now provide free care to Missouri’s poor.”

    My first thought was Seinfeld, but this looks like a good call:

    “In January, Missouri legislators introduced the “Volunteer Health Services Act.” The bill expands health care access for low-income residents by eliminating the regulatory barriers Missouri previously imposed on out-of-state doctors and other clinicians who want to provide free charitable care to Missouri’s poor”

  3. Chris says:

    “The peak risk hours range from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., with a smaller peak in the late afternoon…’It turns out that people with low KLF15 levels are the ones that are most susceptible to these sudden death episodes that occur in the early morning hours,'”

    Are they sure it is not more significantly related with the amount of coffee consumed and stress levels at this time of the morning?

  4. Dewaine says:

    “Slate: Old people were invented in the Paleolithic Age.”

    How did they make it without Social Security and Medicare?

    • Crawford says:

      Living during the time when a government handout was nonexistent must have been nice.

      ‘You want to eat? Here’s a rock, go.’

      • Dewaine says:

        It must’ve been to reap the benefits of your labor.

        • Crawford says:

          I’m sure there were some men who couldn’t hunt well. That wouldn’t be a problem for future generations though. They would have been weeded out by natural selection.

  5. Studebaker says:

    Should you drink eight glasses of water a day? Not according to science.

    Health experts say “listen to you body. Let it tell you how much water to drink”. That’s good advice. My body tells me that six glasses of water are fine as long as two of those are use to make cups of coffee and four are used to make beer.

    • Jay says:

      Indeed. And alot of people need different amounts based on their daily activities. Bodybuilders and athletes require a gallon or more a day.