Health Insurance for $100 a Month

That's all it will cost a healthy, 35-year-old male under a new Blue Cross plan in Miami. Plan has a $250 deductible, a $2,500 out-of-pocket limit and a $5 million lifetime maximum. How they do it?

  • Find doctors and hospitals willing to accept cut rate fees (including community health clinics).
  • Make out-of-network care prohibitively expensive.
  • Cover only generic drugs.

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  1. Joe S. says:

    Shows what the market can do if the market is allowed to innovate and meet the customers’ needs.

  2. Ken says:

    This is really a fascinating result. If you are willing to sacrifice choices and perhaps endure some waiting, the insurance marketplace is able to provide you with really cheap insurance.

    Contrast this result with what is happening in Mass.
    In that state the newly insured are paying top dollar (or someone is paying it) and you can’t get appointments to see doctors and the waits are the longest in the nation.

  3. Ron Greiner says:

    Blue Cross getting free advertising again, figures. This plan has $2,500 Out-Of-Pocket with no brand name Rx, huge co-pays and is not HSA qualifying so all Out-Of-Pocket, vision and dental expenses are paid with after tax dollars.

    Humana has HSA insurance for $115 a month that includes Rx and a zero deductible on preventative services for a 35-year-old male in Miami. They also have HSA coverage with no Rx for $90 a month.

    At least this Blue’s plan is better than the “Cover Florida” plan that the Blues suckered Charlie Crist into that only pays $25,000 max per year. A kidney stone can cost more than $25,000. Charlie Crist is lost in the stone age.

    In North Carolina the State Employees Association is running radio ads against Blue Cross saying the Blues is against President Obama’s health care reforms. That’s funny because the Blues give so much money to Democrats.

  4. Ron Greiner says:

    Ken, in Mass the cheapest plan the Blues have is $400 a month for a 35-year-old male with $5,000 Out-Of-Pocket plus hospital co-pays so it’s non-HSA qualifying too.

    In Mass. the Blues have eliminated all competition except 4 other companies. The Blues love these state exchanges where the state does the selling.

    Tax the Blues like all other insurance companies.

  5. South-Dakota fm radio stations says:

    Shows what the market can do if the market is allowed to innovate and meet the customers’ needs.