Headlines I Wish I Hadn’t Seen

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  1. Matthew says:

    So convicted criminals can get free healthcare while incarcerated and get Medicaid once they get out of jail. This doesn’t seem right that the middle class and small businesses get hit with the cost of Obamacare, while convicted criminals are the “winners”.

  2. Bill B. says:

    “Kim Jong Un wins 100 percent of votes in North Korean election.”

    I wonder who he was running against…

    • James M. says:

      He must really be quite the leader. Especially after seeing the photo of all the soldiers dancing in the streets after casting their votes.

      In all seriousness, from what the world knows about North Korea, do they really think we believe their propaganda?

      • Marc C says:

        The propaganda is not intended for anyone else than to the own people of North Korea. That country has made it clear that they don’t care what anyone else says about them.

    • Perry says:

      Whoever it was, I’m guessing he/she “went to the dogs”.

  3. Ricky R says:

    Well of course he won the elections with one hundred percent of the votes, if the only vote that mattered was his own, and I don’t think that he would have voted for his contender (was there anyone running against him?).

  4. Marc C says:

    He might be a despot, but his antecessors planned the future perfectly. As the article describes, Kim Jong established a theocratic government, based on a religion around him. Since his ascension to power, he and his successors have brain washed the people of North Korea. People tend to respect divine rule, that’s why the monarch in medieval Europe were so powerful and that is why Jong-Un is revered in his country as a savior. I don’t agree with this regime, but Kim Jong made what he needed to assure that his family remained on power for a long time.

  5. Walter Q. says:

    “Frequent use of these powerful drugs along with narcotic painkillers may explain more medication deaths.”

    With the deaths and addiction associated with prescription drugs, it is hard to believe there is still a stigma in regards to marijuana legalization.

    • Andrew says:

      “Doctors need to be better educated about the risks of combining the two medications.”

      I would venture to say that this issue is less about doctors needing better educating and more about patients needing better educating.