Disposal of Remains Flap

Corpse of a 750-pound woman dragged from home and hauled away in a trailer by a wrecker service, as boyfriend and son look on. News video includes interviews with neighbors.

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  1. Juan O. says:

    That’s too bad for that lady and her family.

    They should have called the same guys who moved my 750-pound piano out of an apartment, down a service elevator, onto the loading dock, into my pickup truck. Without a scratch. Didn’t even significantly affect the piano’s tuning.

    That sounds lighthearted, but it is discouraging when a piano receives more dignity than a deceased lady.

  2. Joe S. says:

    Neighbors were interviewed in the print story and in the TV video, and they all expressed outrage. However, no one had any practical suggestion on how to get the woman to the morgue.

  3. eriuqs spires healthy recreation says:

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  4. Ken says:

    John, why don’t you have a contest. Winner is the person who proposes the most efficient and most respectful way to move a 750 pound corpse from a home to the morgue.

    My suggestion: Use a blimp.