Childhood Influence on Obese Adults, and Other Links

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  1. August says:

    I really like all these links!

    Obesity: This confirms some risk factors but also points out how hard intervention is when there are such diverse risk factors.

    Doctor quits: Great! Innovation in the medical market! This could be a very efficient method for primary care, but it will still send people into the current healthcare system for everything else.

    Reading Priceless: I look forward to seeing these debates.

  2. Devon Herrick says:

    Doctor leaves traditional practice; will no longer take insurance; explains why.

    Some doctors will take this step. Unfortunately, other doctors will simply reduce their caseload until the stop practicing entirely.

  3. Publius says:

    If there is a decrease in the amount of patients that a doctor attends too, isn’t this problems only going to get worse if “we” expand coverage?

  4. Alex says:

    The odd thing about obesity is that only those too poor to afford much food at all and those rich enough to pay for personal trainers and private cooks are free from the fear of obesity.