Are Readmissions Always Bad?

Medicare will penalize hospitals for high readmissions rates, starting in 2013. But is this a good thing? Some say it is not.

Although most agree that preventable readmissions should be avoided for the patients’ sake, many disagree on what constitutes “preventable,” saying readmissions may not reflect quality and arguing reduced reimbursement actually might be unfair. In addition, there are other correlating factors, including socioeconomic class, support, and comorbidity that might influence readmission rates, according to the report. The report separates readmissions into different classes (planned, unplanned, related, or unrelated to initial admission). It notes that public policy should focus on unplanned readmissions related to the reason for initial admission for savings and care improvements. “Payment penalties intended to shrink readmission rates could exacerbate inequities and leave hospitals with fewer resources to make needed investments in improving patient care,” states the report. “Further, misaligned policies could direct hospitals to reduce readmissions that are appropriate for safe patient care and may actually save lives.”

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  1. Devon Herrick says:

    Everyone agrees preventable re-admissions (or preventable admissions in the first place) is a good idea. I can imagine some perverse incentives, where hospitals try to avoid certain patients because they stand a good chance of being readmitted, thus losing money for the hospital.

  2. Virginia says:

    I think you have to be careful with how you phrase the policy. But, then again, changing reimbursement so that hospitals get paid only for the procedure, not for the length of stay, isn’t a very good idea either.

  3. jacksmith says:


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  4. Tom H. says:

    This is the other side of the story. Or, as Paul Harvey used the say, “the rest of the story.”

  5. Greg Scandlen says:

    Here is yet another simplistic idea from Washington. If someone is discharged from the hospital, has a set back, and is readmitted three weeks later, is that really a problem? Would it have been more efficient or humane to confine that person in the hospital for those three week, rather than allowing him to be at home during that time? I don’t think so.

    Then, where is the logic in confining 100% of all similar cases for three weeks out of fear that some small number might be readmitted?

  6. Carolyn Needham says:

    The potential for perverse incentives here is very high.