111th Congress Added More Debt than First 100, and Other Links

The 111th Congress has accumulated more new debt than the first 100 Congresses combined. $3.22 trillion.  

ER administrators agree with NCPA prediction: Two-thirds of emergency rooms believe that the health reform law will increase their patient volume. Only 5% expect decreased traffic. See our previous post here.

Mississippi: Sister’s kidney donation a condition of parole. Bob Herbert: “[It] was unnecessary, mean-spirited, inhumane and potentially coercive. It was a low thing to do.”

UK: 36 of the country’s 39 flu deaths so far this season are attributable to the swine flu vaccine (H1N1).

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  1. Greg says:

    The kidney donation condition is interesting. Question: Is it constitutional?

  2. Bruce says:

    Didn’t you say before at this site that more people would be killed by the swine flu vaccine than by the swine flu? You were right. By a long shot.

  3. Vicki says:

    All I can say about the Congress is thank God we have a new one, comitted to at least starting out by reading the Constitution.

  4. Brian Williams. says:

    Kidney donations add a whole new dimention to the idea of community service.

  5. Ken says:

    Not only are the emergency rooms going to be flooded, but all their dispro money is being taken away. Bottom line: more patients to care for, less money to do it with.

  6. Neil H. says:

    There is precedent for the kidney donation condition. Judges have historically been willing to waive criminal sentences for young men if they agree to serve in the armed services.

  7. steve says:

    You might want to correct the lede on the swine flu, or the link. The site you link to says the deaths are from the flu, not the vaccine. A quick Google check found no vaccine related deaths. The Guardian reports deaths up to 50, with 45 from swine flu.