Can’t Afford Care? Buy TV Ads Instead.

What do you do if you don't know anything about health policy and you've never in your life had a single original idea about how to solve any health care problem? Start a TV ad campaign, of course. (See NYT article.) 

Folks who are ordinarily on a crusade against the syllogism have discovered a new passion.  They are going to spend $40 million on a series of no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners ads-all in favor of…. affordable health care.

No doubt the proponents of unaffordable care will run counter-ads.  Recriminations will fly.  The debate will rage.  Points and counter-points will be hurled to and fro.

Should be good fun.

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  1. Donald C Lanza says:

    Please share your thoughts on the viability of competetive social insurance model vs actuarial insurance model (eg Swiss Health Sytem) as an economic means of decreasing costs of health insurance to large companies (eg. GM, GE, Boeing)and as a means of increasing affordabiity of insurnace to many Americans. Also please comment on the feasiblity of government negotiated pharmaceutical prices related to Medicare part D. As you are aware healthcare “free markets” are already heavily regulated but the slant appears to be in favor of 15 pharmaceutical and health insurnce companies publicly traded and in the fortune 500.