We-Have-To-Pass-It-To-Find-Out-What’s-In-It Fact of the Day

When examining your health benefits for the new year, you’ll probably notice that your plan has eliminated lifetime and most annual dollar limits on coverage. That was mandated by the federal health-care overhaul. But for some consumers, coverage may still be restricted: Limits on the number of doctor visits or prescriptions or other services continue to be permitted and can stymie patients’ efforts to get necessary care….

KayAnn Schuck of Pinckney, Mich….underwent breast reconstruction surgery over the summer. After her surgery, she couldn’t understand why she was getting billed for doctor visits. Then she learned that her policy pays for only two visits to a doctor’s office annually. She estimates she owes $11,000 to various providers. She is slowly paying down the debt.

“I’ve been in tears more times than I can count,” she says. “I just don’t understand the logic of these insurance limits.”

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  1. Greg says:

    Amazing. It sort of leaves you speechless.

  2. Nancy says:

    This is the kind of unbelievable silliness that we all have come to associate with Obama Care.

  3. Paul H. says:

    This would be funny if it were not sad.

  4. Brian Williams. says:

    It will soon be illegal to be uninsured, so get ready for more stories like this.

  5. mdb says:

    This looks like rationing care to me, this might have intentional.