Senate Bill: Insurers Must Cover “Prayer Treatments”

The measure would put Christian Science prayer treatments…on the same footing as clinical medicine. While not mentioning the church by name, it would prohibit discrimination against “religious and spiritual healthcare.”

Full report from Los Angeles Times.

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  1. Ken says:

    Why am I not a bit surprised? Guarantee you this is only the beginning. By the time they are through, the required benefit package will be very, very expensive.

  2. Joe S. says:

    Actually prayer treatments ought to be a lot less expensive unless they are added onto traditional medicine.

    Maybe people should be able to choose: Prayer or surgery, but not both.

  3. Devon Herrick says:

    Expect the dental associations to lobby for mandated dental coverage. Of course we cannot leave out the herbalists and acupuncturists. The practitioners of ancient Chinese medicine will want included in the benefit package. Yoga instructors and massage therapists too. Also, let us not neglect coverage for pastoral counselors or marriage counselors. And of course, coverage for health spas to maintain mental health is a must. The list of the special interests who will want to be included in the benefit package is endless. And this is just a partial list of providers. Also expect the lobbyists who advocate for specific diseases to weigh in.

  4. Tom H. says:

    Hey folks, if it really works we can save a hell of a lot of health care dollars.

  5. Charlie says:


    Dental Coverage is considered premium-plus under the Pelosi bill, so don’t worry it will be one of the last things covered.

  6. Larry C. says:

    Why doesn’t this violate the Constitution?

  7. hoads says:

    Individual and marriage counseling is included in the House bill as is drug and alcohol treatment. Comprehensive baby.