All That’s New in the World of Fat

This blog is fast becoming the go-to site on obesity.  Perhaps that's because I have a new Assistant who is really into healthy lifestyles.  Previous posts are here and here.  What's new:

  • Los Angeles is considering banning all new fast-food restaurants in a 32-mile area that is home to its fattest residents. But since there are already 400 restaurants that will be grandfathered in the zone, there is little danger of extreme withdrawal symptoms [link].
  • More serious is New York City (home of nanny Mayor Bloomberg), which is banning transfats in restaurants. Going forward, you will have to buy your own lard in the grocery store.
  • Neil Trautwein says the National Restaurant Association (which represents fast food outlets) doesn't want you to be fat [link]. It does want you to buy their food, however.
  • My daughter Kara is an investor in fast food restaurants. Her advice: If you are going to succumb anyway, try Popeye's, Burger King and Taco Bell-preferably in the Southeast.
  • To live longer, eat 30% less. At least this works for mice. [link]

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