Who’s Using the ER?

The rising use of the emergency room is NOT coming from the uninsured, but from "those whose incomes put them at more than four times the poverty level, and who typically get their care at a doctor's office." While use of ERs grew by 26% from 1996 and 2004, "the percentage of uninsured ER patients remained flat, at roughly 15%."

"This has important implications for the national health-reform push. If you give everyone insurance, there are going to be more people trying to get in to see primary-care doctors – and, perhaps, heading to the emergency room when they can't get an appointment."

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  1. Bruce says:

    Greg, thanks for demoishing one more myth.

  2. Redesigner says:

    It would be interesting to determine if the number of practicing primary care physicians declined after universal health insurance was implemented due to a rise in cost of “doing business.”

  3. eriuqs spires healthy recreation says:

    Good posting…thanks