Trouble Ahead for a Head

At issue is whether 71-year-old Mary Robbins’ head and brain will be preserved by cryonics — extremely cold temperatures — in the expectation that future technology may be able to bring her back to life and restore her health. Her daughter, Darlene Robbins, said her mother changed her mind in her last days…and signed new paperwork that would give her family the [$50,000] annuity.

Full article on the battle over Robbins’ head.

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  1. Tom H. says:

    Whose head is it anyway?

  2. Joe S. says:

    Think of the legal ramifications: Family sues head.

  3. Neil H. says:

    Looks like they’re heading for trouble.

  4. Devon Herrick says:

    Albert Einstein’s brain is supposedly cryogenically preserved. Isn’t this the same Arizona firm that is cryogenically preserving baseball great, Ted Williams’ remains?

  5. Stephen C. says:

    At least somebody is getting ahead.

  6. Larry C. says:

    I think this entire story is ahead of it time.

  7. Catherine says:

    Ok, just brain it on. I can browbeat you right back with my head-strong humor.

  8. Brian Williams. says:

    In the event that science is able to bring Mary Robbins’ head back to life, won’t she need the rest of her body? I don’t get it.

  9. Catherine says:

    Aw, chin up, cheeky one. I nose you can get it if you try!

  10. Don says:

    Talk about a headache brought on by cold… Mom’s on ice and her family is cut out of the will. The lawyer will scalp ‘em anyway and their money will soon be parted. Mom’s plans were a real pain in the neck. Eye nose what I’m talking about. When you read our puns you’ll realize they come to the fore. Do you ear me now or do you want me to lobe a few more your way? Then don’t give us any lip and just sinus off.

  11. Devon Herrick says:


    Here’s another thought…

    After the first resurrection, won’t her body need a head?

    “Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake…” Daniel 12:2

  12. John Goodman says:

    All you punsters are way ahead of me today. Impossible to top you.