The Big Flush, Credit Ratings and Medicine, and Other News Items

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  1. Devon Herrick says:

    Draining 8 million gallons of water does sound extreme. But I was surprised to learn treated municipal water was ever stored in open cisterns.

  2. Amanda M. says:

    What a waste. No pun intended.

  3. Brian Williams. says:

    Storing their drinking water out in the open, doesn’t the city risk all kinds of chances from contamination from bugs, dead snakes, and rabid raccoons?

  4. Joe Barnett says:

    The Hill article on OTC drug use points out that reimbursement from FSAs and HSAs was restricted by the new health law, in order to raise revenue to help pay for other provisions. This wasn’t thought through very well, since it could end up boosting health care expenditures — not only through greater use of doctors/prescription drugs, but also from patients getting prescriptions for OTC medications.
    Thus it is likely to be a wash, or even negative, with respect to reducing health care expenditures.
    Oh well.

  5. Tom says:

    Well since everything interesting has already been stated regarding the first story, I’ll take a crack at Galt.

  6. Atilla the pun says:

    So, when he got caught, did they say, “Your in a lot of trouble now”?

  7. Virginia says:

    I’ll be making a trip to Target today for an extra water filter…

    But, yes, it seems really silly to dump that much water for one guy’s urine.

    Credit card ratings: really interesting idea, however, it makes me a little nervous to have doctors checking public records to figure out whether or not I’ll take my meds.

  8. Buster says:

    An eight million gallon flush after a man is seen relieving himself in a city water storage pond? Wow! That should go in the Guinness Book of Records

  9. Seamus Muldoon says:

    @Atilla the pun

    I must say I appreciate your analysis!