Ten Small-Scale Reform Ideas for Obama, Man Dies from Computer Error, and Why Welfare Recipients Get Free Cell Phones

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  1. Neil C. says:

    Perhaps more people watch Fox News because more people TRUST Fox News.

    A recent Public Policy Polling survey found that 49% of Americans trusted Fox News, 10 points more than any other network.


  2. Paul H. says:

    I really like your ten ideas. This is original thinking in a field where there ordinarily is no original thinking.

  3. Vicki says:

    It’s hard to believe that you can’t have confidence in hospital equipment and hospital personel. And that they continue to make the same mistake three days in a row! I assume this is one case where the NCPA would approve a malpractice law suit.

  4. Nancy says:

    I don’t think the question about cell phones was actually answered. The article describes the current situation, but doesn’t provide a rational explanation of the policy.

  5. Bart says:

    6. Give People on Their Own the Same Tax Break Employees Get.

    I agree with the heading. The main problem is that you go on to use this as a pretext to do something entirely different: giving identical treatment to two different kinds of insurance. Employer-sponsored coverage is by law guaranteed issue (with prior creditable coverage) and (at least modified) community-rated.

    Healthy users of work-based coverage don’t see much if any net benefit from the favorable tax treatment, at least not as a general rule. The tax break merely reimburses the additional cost of subsidizing less healthy co-workers.

    Of course the less-healthy workers benefit twice– from the tax break, and from the less-than-risk-rated coverage. To extend a comparable tax break to individual purchasers, the tax credit would have to be zero for low-risk purchasers, topped by a near-100% reimbursement for any risk-driven surcharges.

    To simply use the same tax credit structure for group- and individually-rated insurance would put an end to most existing employer-based coverage. You may like the idea, but many would vehemently oppose it. This puts a rather large political drag on the original goal stated in your heading for item #6.

  6. Bart says:

    …Of course a tax credit for individually purchased, community-rated coverage could be similar to that used for employer based coverage. Existing types of coverage that could qualify might be:
    – COBRA
    – HIPAA-mandated continuation coverage
    – Other risk-pool coverage
    – Coverage in states that mandate community rating (of with there are apparently very few purchasers at present)

    These types of coverage could be given tax breaks comparable to employer-sponsored coverage without undercutting the latter.