Study: Sitting Kills

A Canadian study of 17,000 adults [gated, but with abstract] also found a consistent link between chair time and deaths from heart disease: The more people sat, for any reason, the more likely they were to die of heart disease within 12 years — even if they were slim and exercised regularly.

Full article on the negative health effects of prolonged sitting.


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  1. Neil H. says:

    Sorry to see this. I enjoy sitting.

  2. Ken says:

    Agree with Neil. What’s wrong with sitting?

  3. Rusty Wells says:

    Eons ago, when our genes were being formed, there were not a lot of sofas and chairs to lounge around in. So our basic DNA isn’t programmed for life in the modern world.

  4. Bart says:

    I prefer reclining anyway.

  5. Linda Gorman says:

    Does this mean that getting rid of the mechanization of agriculture will make everyone healthier and increase longevity statistics? Ditto the industrial revolution?

  6. Guy Incognito says:

    Oh darn, there’s that other recent study saying that most people die in their bed. Sleeping is considered deadly.

    On a more serious note, people who are sitting tend to be more obese. What’s the big news that the authors want to share with you? The next big news will be that eating potato chips and drinking beer in front of the tv further increases the risk.