Sebelius and “Thuggery,” Harvard Pilgrim to Drop Medicare Advantage Program, and Do Medicaid Managed Care Organizations Save Money?

Sebelius: “I’m not a thug.”

Wall Street Journal: She has her facts wrong.

New York hospital accidentally posts info on 6,800 patients. “Mistakes were made.”

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care will drop its Medicare Advantage program, citing the health reform law as the reason. 22,000 senior citizens in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine will lose coverage.

Do Medicaid Managed Care Organizations save money? The evidence is mixed (review by Jason Shafin)

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  1. Bruce says:

    If Sebelius has her facts wrong, does that mean she really is a thug?

  2. Ken says:

    Bruce, you got it.

  3. Bobby Davis says:

    My first view at your blog and first want to say “thanks” for being a watchdog for consumers of healthcare. In regards to the government rationing drugs such as the one you described does bother me not because I think anyone should take any drugs and pad the pockets of Big Pharma, but for the reason of the government having control over what people want to take or not to take. However, I did not support Bush’s Medicaid drug program at all and I’m was a Bush supporter on many things he did. People need to be educated outside the doctor’s office and the Big Pharma connection when it comes to their health and should be looking at alternative choices that are non invasive and have a high success rate of cure. Big Pharma and your docs can’t promise you that. Enough said on the subject. Keep up the good work!

  4. says:

    Sebelius forgets to mention that 1.5 million health insurance agents will be out of work. Maybe someone here thinks that these “exchanges” will be paying insurance agents in the future.

    At least she attacks Blue Cross (The Beast) who will now have the state selling their insurance so they no longer need insurance agents.

    Its sweet that Sebelius is attacking Blue Cross who we know wrote the bill (ObamaCare).

  5. Taufik says:

    Maria, Don’t you feel any hypocrisy for uinasccg insurance companies whose lack of accountability and focus on profits leads them to knowingly and willingly destroy a family’s financial future when you, leading a privately held publishing company where 100% of the profits go soley to you and your family , have laid off hundreds of loyal, local employees into an incredibly difficult economy, destroying their financial future and health care? Why do you think insurance companies should take losses based on moral or ethical obligations, but you and your company should be exempt?You mentioned two stories. Would it help to hear a couple more real stories about people you know, who are going through financial and healthcare hardships you have personally caused them by your decisions? Do you care? Or do you justify it by saying it is more important to maximize profits? How is that different from those evil insurance companies? You don’t even have shareholders to please. Our losses are your personal gain. Is it worth it?When you deposit those millions into your bank account, do you ever wonder about how we are doing without health care or jobs? Do you feel any responsibility?Before you flaunt your ethical superiority so publicly, you should think about your audience. I know you read these posts, would love to hear your response.