Hits & Misses – 2008/12/18

Countries lie about childhood immunizations.  Progress in the developing world has been about half that officially reported. Hat tip to Tyler Cowen.

Sanitation Woes. “Four in 10 people in the world have no access to any latrine, toilet, bucket, or box. Nothing. Instead, they defecate by train tracks and in forests.”

Suicide Tourism. “Switzerland, in a law dating to 1942, permits foreigners to come and kill themselves, placing few restrictions on the how, when and why. Doctors have relative freedom to prescribe them a lethal veterinary drug.”

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  1. Joe S. says:

    I think countries lie about immunizations in order to collect more foreign aid. So in addition to all the other arguments against foreign aid, add this one.

  2. Brent says:

    Glad to see the Swiss have some sense. Unbelievable that all the other governments in the world think they own you.