Premium Support: Good for ObamaCare, But Bad If Republicans Do It?

The irony is that the very same wonks who criticize private insurance and premium support in the context of [the Romney/Ryan plan for] Medicare have endorsed the use of the same concepts in a law they enthusiastically support: ObamaCare…

[I]f risk adjustment is a horrible and cruel way to cover America’s seniors, it’s also horrible and cruel for the 25 million Americans that ObamaCare will place into subsidized insurance exchanges…Here’s what Section 1343(b) of the Affordable Care Act says (emphasis added):

The Secretary, in consultation with States, shall establish criteria and methods to be used in carrying out the risk adjustment activities under this section. The Secretary may utilize criteria and methods similar to the criteria and methods utilized under part C or D of title XVIII of the Social Security Act.

Part C is Medicare Advantage; Part D is the Medicare drug program…

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  1. Robert says:

    Medicare just needs to be completely overhauled. As it was put to me by a doctor, “This train is going to derail soon.”

  2. seyyed says:

    seems like choice and competition have bipartisan support. if only people would get over the labels and agree with each other!

  3. Buster says:

    It is unfortunate that so-called independent analysts are so wedded to the Obama Administration that they flipflop on issues they supported when the issues were supported by Democrats.

  4. Roget says:

    Have to agree with Seyyed. They might as well not be speaking the same language.

  5. Alex says:

    Politics, politics, politics, where what your opponent says is bad and what you say is good even when they’re the same thing.

  6. Ender says:

    It’s astounding how much people change their minds in the political arena.

  7. Jennifer Alston says:

    What a contradiction. I have already lost track of who said what.

  8. August says:

    Seyyed: Keep in mind that both sides are also condemning it.

    I think it is the implementation and extent of choice and competition that creates disagreement; the devil is in the details.

  9. Jessica Volder says:

    Sad but true, this is simply how politics work. One party always wants to be right over the other one, when at the end they both have the same argument.

  10. Elizabeth P. says:

    Prideful politicians? Anyone?