Obesity Update

The Skinny on Fat Cells. A person at a healthy weight might have 10 billion to 20 billion, and an obese person can have up to 100 billion….[However], you can gain 30 pounds easily by increasing the size of current fat cells and not adding new ones….As people gain weight, their fat cells become bigger and can hold up to 10 times more fat in each cell. [link]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Fat Talk. That’s the message on a Tri Delt T-shirt, worn during national Fat Talk Free Week.   It was a totally different sorority when I was in school.

Be Healthy, Not Thin. It’s easier to do, says Linda Bacon, author of Health at Every Size. She has at least one study to back her up. [link]

In Defense of Fat. Fully half of overweight adults and one-third of the obese had normal blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar – indicating a normal risk for heart disease and diabetes, conditions supposedly caused by being fat.

Fat is No Defense at Law. A federal appeals court and the Ohio Supreme Court have rejected arguments that a death row inmate is too obese to die by lethal injection. [link]

The Wages of Obesity. When all things are considered (including genes), putting on pounds does not reduce your paycheck. [study; gated, but with abstract] Hat tip to Jason Shafrin.


Place to get fit: YMCA.

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  1. Nancy says:


    You’ve had quite a few Obeisity Updates. Do you have a weight problem?

  2. Caytie Daniell says:

    Since we’re singing the praises of the YMCA, how about a note of recognition for T. Boone Pickens $5 million boost this week to the Dallas Metropolitan YMCA.


  3. Luis T. says:

    Hard to believe that obeisity does not affect the salary one earns. In fact, I don’t believe it.