Latest Discoveries about ObamaCare

Rasmussen: The sentiment for repealing ObamaCare is now two-to-one, with 63% of likely voters in favor of repeal and 32% opposed. 

Towers Watson: “Health care reform’s…”Cadillac plan” excise tax will affect more than 60% of large employers’ active health plans by the provision’s 2018 effective date.”

Can the IRS administer ObamaCare? Only 64% of taxpayers who called the IRS during last year’s tax-filing season reached an IRS representative.

ObamaCare’s requirement that businesses file 1099s with any other business with which it spends $600 or more in the course of a year may cause the number of tax forms to double from the 1,833,000,000 to nearly 4 billion.

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  1. Bart Ingles says:

    I wonder if paper storage counts as a form of carbon sequestration.

  2. artk says:

    The analysis of 60% of plans hitting the ”Cadillac plan” excise tax assumes an 8% annual increase in premiums that end up doubling them. If the health care insurers and the health care industry want’s to double their revenue, they **** well better increase lifespans to 160 years in exchange.

  3. Virginia says:

    Does this mean that the IRS will be hiring more people to shuffle all of those forms? The march of big government continues.

  4. Stephen C. says:

    I think it’s a bit chilling to contemplate the IRS administering our health care system.