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  1. Matthew says:

    “…married couples who met through social networking sites were younger, married more recently.”

    If they were married more recently, then they haven’t been given enough time to fail. Once you give it a few more years, I wonder if it will be a different headline.

  2. Andrew says:

    So now we have conclusive evidence that you want to rip a Band-Aid off quickly rather than slowly to experience less pain.

    • James M. says:

      “Medium-sized bandaids were applied bilaterally in three standard body locations”

      I wonder if it made a difference whether those body locations were hairy or not…

      • Bart I. says:


        And the picture might have been different had there been an actual injury under the Band-Aid. Just blindly yanking at a bandage could reopen the wound.

        It seems to me that the adhesive has a natural speed at which it wants to “let go.” If you don’t exceed that speed it doesn’t take much force. But that might overtax the patience of the person applying the force.

        • John R. Graham says:

          I am all in favor of randomized clinical trials. Nevertheless, it seems to me that this is taking clinical research a little too far.

  3. Walter Q. says:

    “But up to 2 hours 52 minutes doesn’t appear to do any harm, they say.”

    So those final 8 minutes really make all the difference.

    • Jay says:

      “Children who watch more than three hours a day are also be more likely to be picked on.”

      What if all kids watch more than 3 hours to TV a day? Then who is the one picking on them?