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  1. James says:

    “But, really, who cares? Is the flu that serious?

    The answer is a definite yes.”

    How is this even a questions. The flu is our world’s biggest fear.

    • Bart says:

      We should ask the Mayans if communicable diseases are that dangerous.

    • David says:

      It’s time for a revolution in medicine… A revolution that finally advances past the mental roadblock of a system of medical mythology stuck in the 1940’s. Don’t get me wrong, 1940’s medicine was great in the 1940’s. But this is no longer the 1940’s, and the germ theory of disease is hopelessly outdated when it comes to the primary diseases that are striking the population today. Yet the profiteers of our dishonest, outmoded health care system are doing everything in their power to keep us all stranded in the past, a past based on treating the body like a chemical battleground and attacking every disease with a patented pharmaceutical.The whole approach to health care is so far outdated that it’s hilarious it can still be pushed with a straight face. No wonder doctors only spend an average of two minutes with patients these days. That’s the limit of how long they can hold their faces without breaking out in laughter at how stupid this whole “treat the symptoms and forget the causes” approach to health care really is. Even they know it! That’s why most doctors actually eat superfoods and take vitamins themselves, even if they never dare suggest it to patients.U.S. has the most new medicines in world, spends more of GDP on medicine than any other nation, and yet has the highest rates of cancers for at least 10 cancer types and the highest infant mortality rate of all developed nations. The conservative politicians say socialized medicine is bad because you might have to wait your turn for some nonemergency services, up to a few months. Why is that such a bad deal? – 42.6 million Americans face an even longer wait than that for ALL services – as in forever – because they have no insurance. That’s the highest percentage of people without access to medical care in the world. We also have the highest number of ininsured of any developed nation (42.6 million).

      So, check out where we REALLY stand compared to the rest of the world, re: statistics compiled from World Health Organization data and a Harvard U. study:

      The U.S. ranks

      NUMBER ONE in COST of health care, but
      NUMBER 24 in disability-adjusted life expectancy, and
      NUMBER 37 in the overall performance of its medical system and
      NUMBER 40 in the level of satisfaction recipients express for their care OVERALL I WOULD SAY THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN AND NEEDS FIXING.

      • David says:

        Did you know that big Pharma is responsible for this True fact: It is illegal in every U.S. state for a doctor to recommend any vitamin, nutrient or food for the prevention or treatment of any disease. Doing so can cause a doctor to have his medical license permanently revoked. How crazy and outdated is that?

  2. Lucas says:

    “Moderate Alcohol Consumption Boosts Body’s Immune System, Study Suggests”

    Hello Vodka my old friend….

    • Wally says:

      Must be a northerner. Alcohol does have tremendous risks, but in small amounts it can be quite advantageous.

      • Trent says:

        I remember the man who went on a beer fast a couple years ago, he ended up losing 28 pounds by drinking full hoppy beers

  3. Trent says:

    “The fast food giant has advised employees to avoid meals with burgers and fries and to eat healthier options like salad and sandwiches.”

    They should be required to eat a big mac and fry everyday for lunch. Then we’ll see how serious the nutrition requirements are.

  4. David says:

    Remember this the next time you’re asked to donate to some search for “the cure.” The cures already exist in nutrition, herbal remedies and naturopathic medicine, but Big Pharma and the conventional medicine cartel isn’t interested in real cures — they only want to promote the idea of a cure while pumping patients full of drugs that don’t cure anything.