Headlines I Wish I Hadn’t Seen

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  1. Wiliam says:

    “In the exchange: You’re not insured until you pay.”

    I wish more people would realize this. Many people probably think they’re set just by getting through the website.

  2. Bubba says:

    In the exchange: You’re not insured until you pay.

    I’d sure hope that’s the way it works. I certainly don’t get anything for free in other areas where I shop.

    • Kilian says:

      I bet a lot of people will be disappointed by this, though.

    • Devon Herrick says:

      I had a professor in college who explained why you have to pay in advance for insurance. Otherwise, as he put it… (customer talking to the insurance agent) “Sorry but I want to cancel my coverage for last year. I thought I was going to need insurance, but I was mistaken!”

  3. Buster says:

    70% of California docs not in the exchange.

    It’s beginning to look like the exchange is health coverage for people too poor for Medicaid.

    • Tom G. says:

      The perverse bit of it is that it’s not. “Make too much to qualify for Medicaid, then here’s some worse insurance!”

  4. Studebaker says:

    Meaningful-use deadline pushed back one year.

    I get the idea that the real problem is that the Administration is having a hard time identifying a use that has any meaning.

  5. Wiliam says:

    “Meaningful-use deadline pushed back one year.”

    In other words, “This isn’t working how we expected it to, so we’re going to delay to save face.”

  6. Billy says:

    “70% of California docs not in the exchange.”

    I’m surprised it’s not more.