Employers May Drop Health Benefits, Cheaper and Better Health Care, and Getting the ER Doc You Want

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  1. Stephen C. says:

    I think the number of employers dropping coverage is going to be more than one in five.

  2. Madeline says:

    Those clever Cigna guys. If brokers don’t get a commission, they are not going to bring in the business.

  3. Vicki says:

    I agree with Stephen. Lots of employers are just going to wash their hands of the whole thing and punt.

  4. artk says:

    You need to read beyond the “1 in 5” headline. The actual report says “More than eight out of ten employers (85%) said that health care benefits will either continue to be just as important, or more important, in the future.”

    Although the health care bill has raised public consciousness, I can remember informal surveys of employers 5 years back where 15 or 20 percent of them said rising costs were making them consider dropping health insurance

  5. Ken says:

    artk, the difference here is that if most of your employees earn average or below average wages, they can get a better (subsidized) deal in the exchange than the employer can provide at work. Or at least it will look that way initially.

  6. drsam says:

    In regards to the article about the British NHS sending patients to a private sector diagnostic imaging center, I think by far the most telling sentence in the article was the following quote from a patient.

    “We were transported to and from our doorstep to Harley Street, taken into this salubrious place and really treated as if we were a paying patient.”

    If anyone reading this comment does not know the defintion of the word “salubrious”, I urge you to look it up, and then ask yourself the following question.

    If government run health care is so wonderful, then why is it that when exposed to a salubrious environment, patients feel that there is a contrast to what they would otherwise receive in a government run health care facility?

    It implies that to me that they do not feel that government run health care facilities are particularly salubrious.