Zeke Emanuel, Obamacare Architect, Visits Trump To Urge One-Term Presidency

Confident DoctorsLast Wednesday, the Trump transition team disclosed the remarkable news that Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, an architect of Obamacare, was Mr. Trump’s first official guest of the morning. The spokesman demurred with respect to the details of the conversation, but I can guess: Dr. Emanuel was urging Mr. Trump to remain in office only one term, in accordance with Dr. Emanuel’s principle that people should be cut off at age 75.

Dr. Emanuel proclaimed this doctrine in The Atlantic in October 2014. Mr. Trump will turn 75 in June 2021, only half a year after beginning his second term (if elected again). So, surely Dr. Emanuel was just asking Mr. Trump to do himself and everyone a favor by not wasting everyone’s time taking a second run at the presidency.

But seriously, it is not a bad idea for the President-elect to meet with Dr. Emanuel. As I have previously noted, Dr. Emanuel threw in the towel on Obamacare in September 2014. Most of those associated with the law have not been so forthright in admitting it did not achieve its goals.

What was especially interesting about Dr. Emanuel’s change of heart was his insistence that the federal government could not force change on the health system. Instead, he now encourages policies which allow states to innovate. That has long been a Republican principle.

Let’s hope Dr. Emanuel’s visit to the President-elect signals more acts of contrition from Obamacare’s many other “architects.”

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  1. John Feehan says:

    “I can guess: Dr. Emanuel was urging Mr. Trump to remain in office only one term, in accordance with Dr. Emanuel’s principle that people should be cut off at age 75.”

    I can guess, too: Dr. Emanuel is urging Trump to serve only one term in accordance with his Democrat Party principle that Republicans should be cut off.

    After all, Emanuel has not made a similar suggestion about other pols, for example Nancy Pelosi (age 76), Diane Feinstein (age 83), John Conyers (age 87) or many others over age 75.

    Ya think maybe Emanuel fears Trump will be actually be successful and win a second term?

  2. Lee Benham says:

    Zeke Emanuel the most disconnected delusional “expert” who has no clue what insurance is for or how it works is meeting with another president . How is this idiot still relevant when it comes to policy.
    The man is a menace to society

  3. Ron Greiner says:

    These so-called experts should give up on people moving from one health insurance company to another until they have figured out how to have people move from one Life insurance company to another.

    Where are all of the smart PHDs when you need one?

    • Not the same thing because life insurance is a one-time payout. As long as the insurer is solvent, there is no reason to switch.

      (I mean real life insurance, i.e. term life, not variable annuities and other high-commission, low-value junk.)

      • Ron Greiner says:

        It is exactly the same thing when the insurance company wants to shed their liability.

        Is that a Canadian PHD?

  4. Ron Greiner says:

    I would prefer a bill that is a single sentence, along the lines of “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is hereby repealed in its entirety.” If you want to get wordy, I wouldn’t object to expanding it a little: “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, the name of which is a cruel joke, is hereby repealed in its entirety.”

    No, it won’t be that simple.


  5. Allan says:

    One question that has not been asked is why one needs the ‘and’ in “repeal and replace”? Why not just repeal? Don’t jump on me because I am not advocating a position only asking a question.

    The ncpa is, “Our goal is to develop and promote private, free-market alternatives to government regulation”

    Why does the ncpa need the ‘and’?

    The only ‘and’ I can think of that needs adjustmemt, if we are talking about the free market, is to get rid of the tax deduction for healthcare services. Alternatively provide every citizen with the ability to utilize the same deduction in the matter the individual finds best.

    • Ron Greiner says:

      My Gov. Scott (R-FL) met Price and told him to focus on Repeal. “The problem is cost. It’s cost. It’s cost. It’s cost,” Scott said.

      The truth is — some Life insurance can pay more than once. Example — 1 payment with a diagnoses of cancer plus 1 payment at death.

      • Allan says:

        Of course it’s cost, but over insurance increases costs. The free marketplace doesn’t mean that insurance doesn’t exist. It means that the buyer and seller agree on the product and the price without any undo interference. A free marketplace doesn’t exclude subsidies if performed outside of the marketplace. It also doesn’t exclude government for government helps to enforce contracts.

        • Ron Greiner says:

          In FL 2/3 of the counties have just one monopolist health insurance company on the Obamacare Marketplace. Got the BLUES? Paying too much? A Marketplace of ONE!

          • Allan says:

            If the free marketplace prevails and is considered to be a stable entity multiple companies will enter the market.

            • Ron Greiner says:

              You don’t have to be in the government’s so-called marketplace to be in the market.

              • Allan says:

                The free marketplace is generally considered to function outside of the government’s realm so I don’t know what you are saying.