Who Needs Medicaid?

A new study, released by the George Washington University Medical Center, finds that:

  • Uninsured patients seeking care at community health centers (CHC) are 22% more likely to receive a Pap smear and 17% more likely to have a breast exam than similar non-CHC patients.
  • When Medicaid patients are included, CHC patients are 14% more likely to receive either procedure than non-CHC patients.

CHCs are located in medically-underserved areas and adjust their fees based on ability to pay.  They are apparently more efficient than the alternatives:

  • CHCs spend 41% less ($1,810) per patient than other primary care providers.
  • They saved between $10 billion and $18 billion in 2004.

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  1. Joe S. says:

    Excellent post.

    Vertually every Democratic presidential candidate and quiet a few Republicans (e.g., Arnold and Mitt)called for an expansion of Medicaid. The exception is John McCain.

  2. Vicki says:

    Karen Davis has a post this morning which is pretty much an ode to medicaid: The Commonwealth Fund [commonwealthfund@cmwf.org]

  3. Joe S. says:

    An ode to an urn? Okay. To a waterfowl? Maybe. But an ode to Medicaid? What could she possibly be thinking?

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  5. Devon Herrick says:

    My brother-in-law is a physician who works at a community health center. He has good things to say about the quality of care.