Stress Can Be Good for You

People experiencing beneficial or “adaptive” stress feel pumped. The blood vessels dilate, increasing blood flow to help the brain, muscles and limbs meet a challenge, similar to the effects of aerobic exercise…

The body tends to respond differently under harmful or threatening stress… You may speak more loudly or experience lapses in judgment or logic, he says. Hands and feet may grow cold as blood rushes to the body’s core. Research shows the heart often beats erratically, spiking again and again like a seismograph during an earthquake.

Full article on how to get the benefits of stress and avoid the harmful effects.

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  1. Mark Glasgow says:

    This article runs contrary to so many things I’ve had pushed down my throat for years. Thanks for posting.

  2. Davie says:

    This is a common lesson in competitive activities. I often tell students I coach that they *should* be a little bit nervous before competitions.

    If a student cares about what they do then they’ve got a pulse and if they *really* care then their pulse is racing. I view this as the body’s attempt to elevate itself to perform well during a challenging event.

  3. Buster says:

    I’ve heard that public speakers or musicians, who experience performance anxiety, often take beta blockers to alleviate some of the symptoms of performance-related stress. The beta blockers don’t make you feel any less stressed. But some of the more annoying symptoms are lessened.

  4. Brian says:

    People who find their inner chi might experience less stress, or deal with stress more positively.