Signing Up For ObamaCare: The Chart Version

This is courtesy of Sarah Kliff. (Click here for a larger version). See our previous post on the 21-page form.

Signing up for ObamaCare

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  1. Desai says:

    I remember doing a similar maze when I was a kid, except in that one, I always got a sticker or a candy after finishing it. I have a feeling that I may never solve this maze.

  2. Robert Tiel says:

    To complicate health care is not the way to make it better and more accessible.

  3. Patel says:

    It seems that even if you finish this maze, you are left with a 3 different options, which probably have unique policy complexities surrounding them.

  4. Anthony Sombers says:

    This example and the 21-page form may discourage some people who want care at all costs and have little income to afford it.

  5. Sandeep Kumar says:

    I agree with Anthony, going through this process might not be a high priority for most health people. But I am assuming there will be a youtube video soon that explains how to best navigate the market.

  6. Cornelius Sutton says:

    Talk about confusing!

  7. Buster says:

    This is a little scary! Heck, why don’t I just go bare and wait and see if I get caught for not having insurance.

  8. Gabriel Odom says:

    Wait, I’m eligible for a tax credit?? This is awesome!

    You know what would be more awesome? NOT BEING FORCED TO BUY INSURANCE AT ALL.

  9. Eddie W. says:

    Ugh, what a headache! I agree with Buster. I’m almost positive that sooner or later (if not already) most people will end up taking that approach. Don’t be surprised dear government!

  10. James McGee says:

    Where is the box with the question

    Do you have a pre-existing condition? A – Yes —> Too bad