New York Times – You Shouldn’t Have a Job If It’s Not a Good Job

This is from today's editorial:

Unfortunately, one of the fastest-growing areas within the health care field – home care for the elderly – also is one of the lowest paid and most exploitable. Outdated labor rules from 1975 allow home care aides to be defined as companions, which exempts their employers, usually private agencies, from federal standards governing overtime and minimum wages.

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  1. Joe S. says:

    When Peter Passell (now at the Milken Insitute) was writing for the New York Times, the newspaper was far more sensible. In fact, the NYT came out against the minimum wage!

    Once Paul Krugman came on board, economic wisdom was tossed aside. The paper now endorses a high minimum wage, unions, and other forms of labor regulation that do nothing more than price workers out of jobs.

  2. Tom H. says:

    I used to read Peter’s stuff. He was liberal, but rational. He is sorely missed.