ObamaCare is Getting More Bizarre

The recently enacted health reform bill uses the tax law to enforce the requirement that every individual must have health insurance. By 2016, people without coverage could see fines (tax penalties) of 2 percent of their income. But does the Obama administration really intend to enforce the mandate?

  • Republicans estimate that the government will need to hire 16,500 agents to enforce the new rules, based on an estimate by the Congressional Budget Office that $10 billion would be needed to implement the law over a decade.
  • But IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman says there are not going to be IRS agents having discussions with the American people about the intimate details of their health insurance.

“Just what the truth is, I can’t say anymore.”

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  1. Devon Herrick says:

    The penalty for not having coverage is far below the cost of coverage. The Senate bill removed criminal penalties and made the only penalty civil.

    Some people will merely pay the penalty; while others will wait to get caught before even paying the penalty

    Many people will game the system and only sign up once their annual expected costs for medical care exceeds the annual premiums of coverage.

  2. Vicki says:

    Nice musical pairing.

  3. Ken says:

    I agree. This is very bizarre. Over the top weird.

  4. Robert A Strupp says:

    Imagine what financial gyrations the medical establishment will be going through as people are no longer paying monthly health insurance premiums and there is no kind of regular cash-flow through the system that used to comprise 16% of our economy.

  5. Joe S. says:

    I agree with the above. This isn’t just a little bit bizarre. It is really, really bizarre.

  6. Tom H. says:

    The Obama Administration seems to think people are idiots. That nobody is going to put two and two together.

  7. Virginia says:

    I have a better idea: Remove all government regulations, even regulations that require hospitals to treat emergency room patients. Instead of hiring all of those new IRS agents, offer to buy anyone who wants it a plane ticket to France or England or Canada. Upgrade them to first class if they renounce their American citizenship.

    Everyone left in America can pay for their own insurance.

    If the whole idea of a single-payer system is valid, then we’ll see France and Canada and Britain thrive with all of the new residents paying into the system and cooperating for the “good of mankind.”

    And the rest of us can spend our days contributing to society without having to check with our accountants every time we get our annual physical.

  8. Stephen C. says:

    I think this administration is totally out of touch with reality.

  9. Bob M. says:

    @Virginia – sounds expensive, here’s a better idea: Everyone in the US makes a one-time decision when they turn 26. Either start paying into a private health insurance program for life, or opt out. By opting out, you absolve health care providers from giving you any treatment you can’t afford to pay for out of pocket.

  10. Paul H. says:

    This is unbelievable.