Love and Marriage

  • Marriage for some is not for the points. It’s for the health insurance. [link]
  • Here is the latest from the NCPA on the marriage tax.

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  1. Charlene Hansen says:

    There are no uninsured Americans? Well, here’s at least one. I had to give up health insurance to survive in this economy, If I had to drive myself to an emergency room, I’d still come out with a bill for thousands of dollars — I have a break-even retirement income, John. The hospital would not take pity on me and forego their fees — I’d be in debt until I died. My only resort is to stay very healthy and drive carefully and pray to God that I don’t get cancer!

  2. Mike in MI says:

    Mr. Goodman,

    Please share with us your own insurance costs. What is your monthly premium? How much is covered by your employer?