Is the White House Reading My Editorials?

In May, my Wall Street Journal editorial chided the administration for trying to re-invent the wheel — creating government exchanges from scratch while ignoring private sector exchanges that are already up and running. Maybe I should ask for a consultant’s fee:

The federal government has signed a landmark deal setting the stage for leading online insurance exchange to enroll potentially millions of people on new ObamaCare marketplaces being operated by the government, it was revealed Wednesday in a filing with Securities and Exchange Commission.

That deal, experts have said, could dramatically boost enrollment in those marketplaces and help keep premium costs low-both key goals of the Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama in 2010-by drawing customers who land at’s website through Google searches and other avenues. (Yahoo Finance)

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  1. Fantasia says:

    I bet’s owners will be pretty happy

  2. Greg says:

    Well they are reading at least that article, the articles completely disproving the efficacy of Obamacare…not so much.

  3. Afton says:

    The administrations must have gotten lots of pushes from many sides to make them change track

    • Bosh says:

      I think that Unions had a lot do to with it, and also the predictions by numerous think tanks showing how a government exchange will never be up in time for October 1st.

  4. August says:

    “The deal was the first step toward giving eHealth permission to actually enroll subsidized customers in the exchanges’ insurance plans, an approval that is now viewed as a “formality,” according to a person close to eHealth.”

    They still have to set up the exchanges though

  5. Wallace says:

    “Having us involved is going to expand the size of the pool, and all of that is going to help to mitigate risk, balance risk and hopefully keep prices and premiums stable”

    So everyone can go swimming!

  6. Bosh says:

    YAY for government intervention into the market…Let the distrotions begin!!!