How Many Doctors are Pro-Physician-Assisted Suicide? You Might Be Surprised…

“Are there situations in which physician-assisted suicide should be allowed?” Doctors: 45.8% answered “yes”; 40.7% answered “no”; and 13.5% said “it depends.”

The cost of operating Air Force One is $181,757 per hour. President Obama has spent more days abroad in his first two years than any other president.

Almost one-quarter of young women who are overweight think they are normal. One in six women of normal body weight worry they’re too fat.

What health insurance could learn from auto insurance: MileMeter offers pay-by-the-mile auto insurance.

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  1. Devon Herrick says:

    One-quarter of overweight women think their weight is normal. Maybe they seem slightly overweight as the “new normal”.

  2. Linda Gorman says:

    Maybe the fact that the government defined overweight down in the 1990s means that the one-quarter who think they have normal weight are correct under the old standard.

  3. Bruce says:

    I’m surprised there were not more doctors in favor of physician assisted suicide.But I suppose you have to count the “it depends” vote as a “yes” vote.

  4. Greg says:

    The auto insurance innovation is really interesting. The idea is that you pay more if you are exposed more. It’s a way of pricing risk more accurately.

  5. Joe Barnett says:

    The doctor poll suggests some of the self-created ethical delimmas dcotors face. Doctors should not be assisting suicides: that’s a job for friends, family and family retainers. Yet many doctors support current government policies that restrict the use of pain-relieving, life-ending drugs — to doctors.