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  1. Jackson says:

    “Six ideas for fixing ObamaCare.”

    I love thought experiments, especially when they’re fantastical.

  2. Wilbur says:

    “Physical exercise is better for the brain than working crossword puzzles.”

    I’m guessing its not as good for your spelling though.

  3. Adam says:

    “USA Today: China to ease 1-child policy and abolish labor camps.”

    Wow, slow down China. We can only tolerate so much freedom.

    • Dewaine says:

      “China made its first major change to its “one-child policy” in nearly 30 years to grapple with a massive shift in its population toward the elderly, who cannot work and need support, say experts.”

      They didn’t see this coming?

  4. Mark says:

    “What surprises foreigners about American culture.”

    Interesting stuff.

  5. Lucas says:

    About time China, your one child policy was about to run your country into the ground

  6. Buster says:

    Six ideas for fixing ObamaCare.

    These were mostly bad idea that amounted to little more than trying to use band-aides to patch the gaping hole in the Titanic.

  7. Studebaker says:

    Physical exercise is better for the brain than working crossword puzzles.

    This doesn’t surprise me.