Headlines I Wish I Hadn’t Seen

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  1. Smitty says:

    One-third of U.S. counties are shrinking ― births exceed deaths.

    – This is a great “problem” to have. Many other economically advanced countries have demographic problems and are not making enough babies to replace the current workforce.

  2. Jamison says:

    “ObamaCare tax increases are double original estimate.”

    – One of Obama’s many tricks. Convince people that it will be cheap and efficient. Raise taxes after bill passes to pay for all the things the critics pointed out.

  3. Studebaker says:

    ObamaCare tax increases are double original estimate.

    Doesn’t surprise me a bit!

  4. Sandeep says:

    @ The US Counties are shrinking

    I am not surprised, this only underscores that urbanization is a reality, and that the forces of urbanization increases rapidly during times of recessions, because people move to where there are strong local economies and in many cases these strong economies are in urban sphere (large metropolitan areas).

  5. Anthony Hall says:

    “ObamaCare tax increases are double original estimate.”

    While I think there is an imperative to overhaul our health care system, I don’t think this is the way most people envisioned change.

  6. Kumar says:

    @ The US counties are shrinking article

    I like how this article highlights on how immigration can play a crucial role in boosting local economies. Indeed, the fact the Governor of Michigan publicly made a case for welcoming immigrants marks a shift in how we view immigration policies and socio-economic development.

  7. Eden Soto says:

    “Johnson said the number of dying counties is rising not only because of fewer births but also increasing mortality as 70 million baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 move into their older years. “I expect natural decrease to remain high in the future,” he said.”

    Well, I’m not sure this whole article gets to much. I think we have more important problems to focus on currently.

  8. John Stuart Mill says:

    One-third of U.S. counties are shrinking ― births exceed deaths.

    How could they be shrinking, if births exceed deaths?

  9. Christian Boozer says:

    Michigan has always been friendly to immigrants. The state has a large migrant population in the summer that helps with norther Michigan’s large cherry and apple crops.

    This isn’t really a surprise if you consider that the replacement rate has slowly been falling for a long time. Attitudes towards work and children must change before we’ll see any changes.

  10. Jack says:

    Is anyone surprised that the math on Obamacare was off? I’m surprised it’s only double the expected amount.

  11. H. James Prince says:

    How can births exceed deaths if the county is shrinking? Short answer – they can’t.

    “Census data show that 1,135 of the nation’s 3,143 counties are now experiencing “natural decrease,” where deaths exceed births.”

  12. John Stuart Mill says:

    Well, isn’t the headline wrong? That is the point I am making.

  13. Hoads says:

    @ Medicare regional variances and cancer survival

    I’m sorry, but I have a hard time accepting medical research conducted with government dollars by a government funded entity that then becomes the foundation for health policy under government healthcare. Frankly, the “science” used for this type of research is extremely amenable to every kind of bias there is and used to make headlines rather than offer constructive feedback for make healthcare more productive and cost efficient.

  14. Bob Hertz says:

    The Joint Committee of Taxation report is a big waste of time.

    80% of the predicted increases come in 4 areas:

    a. a projected increase in the salaries and dividends received by wealthy persons…..

    this is pure guesswork. Remember 2008?

    b. a projected increase in the Cadillac tax on generous plans…….

    based on Obama’s treatment of large corporations and unions so far, none of this will be collected.

    c. extra revenues from persons who disobey the mandate………..

    this is an important issue, but the peanut fines are not the problem.

    d. extra taxes collected from health insurers…………..

    which will show up as premiums to the insureds.

    Overall, a pretty minor article!