Headlines I Wish I Hadn’t Seen

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  1. Matthew says:

    “…people will be given more freedom and a longer opportunity to get a new health plan if they can prove that HealthCare.gov displayed inaccurate information about the benefits that a health plan offers.”

    Well I am sure HealthCare.gov will be experiencing an outpouring of response from people wanting to change their insurance plans.

  2. Andrew says:

    “HealthCare.gov now has a “Report a Life Change” button, the memo says, enabling people to tinker with their plans if they have added members to their family, moved, gotten out of prison…”

    So I am assuming they have a Medicaid button too for those who have gotten out of prison?

  3. Lucas Y says:

    The fact that insurers are not accepting patients with HIV/AIDS shows that they are concerned. The insurance companies are concerned with the cost of having patients with this condition, which will make them more expensive patients. Looking with the insurers eyes, that measure makes sense. If patients can only afford insurance if they enjoy from this benefit, that means that any procedure they need which is not related to HIV would be hard for them to pay for it. Businesses are made to make money, if the insurance companies believe that being paid with these “stamps” are not profitable, they shouldn’t be forced to receive them.

    • Felix D says:

      But if the insurance companies would not accept them then what is the purpose of the program. You need to realize that the only way in which a subsidy like this works is that it is accepted by everyone. People with HIV have rights; they should be protected like everyone else.

  4. Thomas says:

    One would think that ObamaCare would have ended discriminatory practices, such as “rejecting checks from a federal program designed to help patients pay for AIDS drugs and insurance premiums, and notifying customers that their enrollment in its Obamacare plans will be discontinued.” Yet ObamaCare leaves AIDS patients in limbo.

  5. James M. says:

    “Nationwide in America, more than three times as many mentally ill people are housed in prisons and jails as in hospitals.”

    Could it also be that they are seen as a threat to society because they have committed harmful acts? Until we learn more about mental illness and treating it before crimes are committed, how else do they intend on lessening crime?

    • Matthew says:

      To a degree, couldn’t most criminals be determined to be mentally ill? In referring to the mass shootings from a few years ago, those assailants I am sure would be diagnosed in having mental illnesses, however, do they belong at a hospital or a prison.

  6. Vlad R says:

    Obamacare is useless. It promised that people wouldn’t be discriminated due to previous conditions, yet it seems as if AIDS didn’t count. HIV is an expensive sickness, Obamacare was supposed to protect these type of individuals, who are living with this disease, they were the ones that couldn’t get coverage previously. So the industry suffered from a major overhaul, left everyone worse off and for what? If they are not being protected, why go through all this mess.

  7. Walter Q. says:

    “Some Middle-Class Families Find Price Of Subsidized Health Coverage ‘Awfully High’”

    Awfully high is what families are going to have unless they drop to the lower income part of the distribution. Middle-class families are the victims in all of this.

  8. Simon C says:

    Youth unemployment is high; many of them have high debts due to their student loans. Higher minimum wage will increase unemployment and will hurt their odds of paying back their loan without defaulting. Increasing the minimum wage is a naïve measure; people will feel richer when actually they won’t. There is always a downside when the minimum wage is increased, and it normally they outweigh the positives.

    • Bill B. says:

      If teens cannot find jobs, especially college-age teens, this will prompt them to take out more loans as school will become more costly without any form of employment.

  9. Buddy says:

    “We are at the point in our lives where if we want to go out to supper,” he said, “we can. “If I want to buy my kid a pair of blue jeans, I can do that. If I had to pay $600 a month out of my income, we could no longer do that”

    It is a shame that ObamaCare is putting this type on financial burden upon middle class families. Most of them have done nothing but work hard for most of their lives, and they get the shaft while low income earners get all of the benefits from ACA.

  10. Thomas says:

    “If Democrats were successful in raising the minimum wage, a number of starting jobs will disappear. Rising teen unemployment may be the new normal”

    Which is exactly what happens when minimum wage increases. As employers will be motivated to hire more skilled workers, this will delay teens entry into the labor force.

    • Bill B. says:

      This is especially true for black teens. If they are already facing an unemployment rate of 38%, what will the rate be whenever minimum wage increases in the city they live in. They will face much higher entry barriers for employment.

      • PJ says:

        Yes, it is truly awful what is happening to those who especially need work. Low-skilled, teenage workers are the ones who are not going to get jobs and who, consequently, will lack valuable experience and training that can translate into a better job down the road.