Good News on the HSA Front

HSA PiggybankWellPoint has a new report on consumer directed health plans (CDHPs):

  • Employers who adopted a CDHP in 2006 saw their cost decline, while the cost for non-CDHPs rose between 7% and 10%.
  • People in a CDHP were more likely to have a choice of plan.
  • The CDHP was more likely to be chosen by families with children.
  • People enrolled in CDHPs were more likely to use preventative care than people in non-CDHPs (3.1% higher for women and 8.8% higher for men).

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  1. Ken says:

    Has everyone noticed that every time there is a new report on CDHC plans it always rebuts almost every criticism that has been leveled against these plans from day one.

  2. Nancy says:

    What’s with the pig? Is that supposed to be a piggy bank?