Eating Your Veggies May Not Prevent Cancer, Smoking and IQ, and Water, Water Everywhere

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  1. Devon Herrick says:

    I cannot believe I’ve eaten all these vegetables for the sake of my healthy only to discover I could have eaten a steak instead!

  2. Devon Herrick says:

    About the article requiring 18 gallons of water to produce one pound of sugar: I suspect the 18 gallons of water is rain water that would have fallen regardless of whether sugar cane was planted on the land.

    One of the laws of physics posits that no matter is being created or destroyed — it just changes forms. The sun evaporates seawater and deposits it as rain in Florida (or Brazil), which waters sugar cane that is then consumed.

  3. Virginia says:

    Amen on the veggies. I actually like carrots and lettuce, but I get tired of being lectured by the press about eating more of them.

  4. Nancy says:

    The smoking study is another one of those studies where I hope they didn’t spend very much money to learn the obvious. At least I hope they didn’t spend our tax dollars.

  5. Vicki says:

    So, sugar not only makes you fat, it also destroys water resources. Maybe the Egyptians and the
    Romans were better off not having it.

  6. Asthika says:

    Jim, you are right about much of the VHA sseytm, having doctors and nurses that wish to help us, BUT treatment is not ONLY dictated by the wants and needs of the individual patient. There are some VA Medical Centers and VBA personnel, staffed with clerks and other types who are clearly working at the VA for their kush government job and paycheck. It’s unfortunate, and it gives the rest a bad name.Go, for example, to the West Los Angeles VAMC and do a random survey of patients, or just walk around and ask for services from the clerks in the different departments and see if you feel like a substandard human being or a proud and satisfied veteran patient. File a claim with the VBA in Los Angeles then try to go in to the front desk in the Federal Building, 5th floor, and ask to get a veterans counselor to let you know what’s up with your claim. Watch the supervisors stand and talk by the water cooler for an hour and 1/2, instead of supervising, while you sit and wait for anyone to help you. These are not all my stories, but a mix of those from different veterans I have known in this sseytm. And yes, I’ve experienced the same at West LA. It is interesting how much more compassionate and pro-active some clinics tend to be than others. For example, the Sepulveda clinic in the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley has, to a larger extent, a much kinder health care provider group, regardless of the work load. It is a shame that the caliber of those hired, from certain neighborhoods or employee demographics, lacks common sense or caring for those outside their limited groups, when in fact we should all be considered family. The fact that supervision would give the employee the benefit of the doubt, rather than reprimand or even retrain, is unconscionable. They want us to just give up. This is not private sector insurance. We are men & women who served our country honorably. We deserve the compassion we are entitled to, and employees trained to give that compassion; regardless of the stressful work conditions. They can go to their own therapists to deal with the stress. Yes each individual has their own wants and needs, and yes each individual can respond differently. That goes for patient and caregiver alike. And in the case of the healthcare professionals, they are paid, and God willing trained, to be able to respond rationally, calmly and compassionately whether the patient does or doesn’t. Punishing the individual veteran patient over a lack of patience or knowledge of VA procedures and law, is unconscionable. Pain does not bring with it much rational thought. An employee’s paycheck should be held accountable for their selfishness. If they can’t handle the heat and help each patient like a member of their own family, they should find other employment, with a less caring family.