CDHC: How One Patient Saves Money

When his insurer disputed some doctors’ bills, for instance, Mr. Mannett got both parties together on a conference call to work out a compromise. By getting acquainted with a case worker at his insurance company, he learned how to negotiate lower fees from surgeons before an operation took place. And by becoming friendly with financial clerks at doctors’ offices, he has been able to secure discounts on some services.

The bottom line: Smart medical consumers can save money if they track their bills as closely as they monitor their health.

Mannett’s full story on working the insurance system.

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  1. Tom H. says:

    Very good. We need to see more posts like this.

  2. Vicki says:

    Good for Mr. Mannett.

  3. Bruce says:

    Of course, the only reason why he has to jump through all these hoops is that we don’t have a real market here.

  4. Alex Lubarsky says:

    After the introduction of the HSA’s, and the unmanageable expense of our existing govt run system, I was sure we would see more market forces in Health Care, seeing this unfold is like living in the Twilight Zone.

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